About Celina Tent

Celina Tent knows what it takes to become a quality rental service – before becoming a full-fledged fabric product manufacturer; we started with our own rental company.

Back in 1996, Celina Tent Rental split from a combination hardware store with rentals on the side to form a complete tent rental business. We covered all tent maintenance and set up. Through extensive use and study, we found that the basis for a good rental stock stems from the creation of quality products. Tents, accessories, or hardware that is created with the best materials and production techniques will allow you to provide quality installs for years. After becoming frustrated with the lack of available quality products, we began dabbling in manufacturing until we were confident enough to separate from rentals and become a fabric products manufacturer, Celina Tent, Inc.

Growth and Advancement

With the highest quality materials and best production methods, Celina Tent has risen from a small one-building enterprise to a company with many locations worldwide.

Celina Tent, Inc.

Our main plant is located in Celina, Ohio, and consists of our 70,000 square foot production floor and 89,000 square foot distribution center. This is where the bulk of our production occurs, including any and all printing, cutting, and special product development and research in addition to standard item manufacturing.

Celina Industries

There are a vast array of fabric products that we’ve been able to engineer based on the knowledge we’ve accumulated working with event tent fabric. This division of our company deals with all projects not relating to the event rental industry, from agricultural barn curtains to military billeting structures.

Celina Taicang, Co. LTD

In order to help ease the burden of large-quantity production, Celina Tent opened our Chinese plant in 2011. They are tasked with the creation of our standard stock white products. The plant is entirely owned and staffed by Celina Tent, allowing us to control the quality of all products produced there. Celina does not import any of its tents. We are the manufacturer and not an importer.

Celina Tent Europe, LTD

The launch of our UK-based distribution center has allowed Celina Tent to open sales to markets across the Atlantic, providing our lines of durable, economical tent and event products. While we stock the most popular of our products, any and all items available in the US can be shipped there and distributed when ordered.


A Culture of Development

Celina Tent stays at the forefront of our community by constantly revisiting and revising our products. With our in-house quality lab and on-staff engineers, we are consistently revising, updating, and upgrading our products in order to make sure they maintain the best value for our customers. In addition to our standard array of products, Celina Industries also develops and prototypes new ideas.

In recent years, the action of printing tents and accessories has been incorporated into the manufacturing process. With latex printers fully integrated into our factory, Celina Tent excels at creating high-definition printed tent tops, sidewalls, back drops, table covers; basically all of our vinyl products can be emblazoned with your images or logo for a fully customized product.

Our Mission

We know what it takes to provide the best service for our customers, first as a rental service and now as a supplier for rental companies. With high quality items and the drive to serve the industry, we can aid you in any way you need.